Our little crew formed years ago, back when we were sort of kids obsessed with cards, board games and roleplaying. Years passed, we grew our beards, lost some of the hair and that’s pretty much it.

We still enjoy all sorts of games, and those moments are a constant inspiration to our work. Our game design story began with “in house” rules for various games and one day we began to develop games of our own. We still work on various projects, preparing new, and hopefully exciting games for all fellow gamers.

Who are the 4 HOGS:

(also known as Scar Hog)

Hrvoje started out as a normal and relaxed guy, but his unhealthy interest in DC comics got the better of him. By day he works as a sales manager and by night he watches the sky for the Bat signal, all dressed up in his Joker outfit.

Famous last words: “This might be overpowered but...”

(also known as Digital Hog)

Ivan is a devoted gamer with too many hours spent on writing dungeon descriptions, monster encounters and screams of fallen enemies.  When he is not busy with dragons, trolls and dwarfs, Ivan likes to kick back with a good Sudoku or math problem.

Famous last words: “NOO! Think about the game mehanic...”

(also known as Grammar Hog)

Goran is dark minded hard core player whose imagination still keeps us from sleep at night. Like most IT guys, he enjoys long crawls entangled with wires and cables while searching for that one disobeying port.

Famous last words: “Great. Now write it without R and U...”

(also known as King Hog)

Yet another Ivan in our crew slayed his first foe more than a decade ago.  If there ever was critical success magnet (we suspect tampered dices), it was named Ivan. Some people believe he got his job by rolling a natural 20.

Famous last words: “Clever use of game mechanic is not exploiting...”